Notice on COVID-19

The organising committee of the World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH) is aware that the rapidly developing situation regarding COVID-19 will impact seriously on events scheduled to take place over the coming months, at least.

We are hopeful that global circumstances will be more favourable by March 2021, in time for the 18th WCTOH, but we will continue to monitor the situation and the potential impact on the conference closely.

We recognise that COVID-19 impacts on not only the planning of travel and events, but also on your ability to compile and submit research. WCTOH remains committed to facilitating knowledge sharing and collaboration throughout this time, and to supporting the global public health community to remain focused on our goal to prevent the tobacco industry from derailing strong tobacco control policies which are proven to protect people from the harms of smoking.

The broad dissemination of the latest tobacco control research and discussion is a core priority of WCTOH. Therefore, the 18th WCTOH will be accepting submissions to the conference programme and is looking into alternate methods for sharing virtually, should it be necessary.

We will be updating the website regularly with information regarding the 18th WCTOH and how the COVID-19 crisis will impact the conference.